GottaVote Weekend of Action: “We have to get registered”

Barack Obama

Keisy Chavez

With less than 24 hours until the start of the GottaVote Weekend of Action, Virginia’s Keisy Chavez says Saturday will be a big day for the Latino community across the state. Keisy, a volunteer core team member for Latino outreach, offered her thoughts on the weekend’s activities:

“Registering voters and canvassing in my community this weekend is my way of protecting the values I believe in—family and fairness.

“President Obama shares those values, and I’ve seen it through his actions like health care reform, which allowed my 23-year-old daughter to stay on my health insurance. He values our youth and he values our families, and his actions show it.

“In a country where we value families and fairness, anyone who is willing to work hard deserves a fair shot at achieving their dreams. For the Latino community, this is so important. But to make sure we keep the American dream alive, we have to get registered. We have to get others registered. We have to vote. Las decisiones que hacemos hoy nos afectarán mañana.”

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