How elections are lost

Whatever happens during a clamp presidential discuss tonight, we need to respond fast and forcefully. With 26 days to go, we can’t only lay and wait for someone else to set a record straight. That’s how elections are lost.

The series one thing we won’t be means to control in tonight’s discuss is either Congressman Ryan tells a truth—about himself, his record, or his and Mitt Romney’s tangible skeleton for where they’d take a country.

If a past is any indicator, he won’t.

For his whole career, Paul Ryan has finished an art of obscuring a facts. He’s finished it on vast things—like a fact that a Ryan bill that he championed in Congress, after adopted by a Romney-Ryan campaign, would indeed finish Medicare as we know it for a seniors and spin it into a document program.

He’s skewed even a smallest things, too—like his possess personal marathon time.

If he’s not going to be firm by a contribution tonight, it’s something that each voter needs to know.

One vast thing a side can control in this discuss is how strongly we respond. As shortly as Vice President Biden walks off that stage, we need to be prepared to glow all cylinders to make certain a message—and a law about a choice in this election—gets out there.

Before he gets adult on that theatre to quarrel for us tonight, greatfully make a donation, no matter how vast or small.


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