“I just wanted to help out a little bit”

Barack Obama

“I will be in massive debt and probably without a job if Mitt Romney wins this election,” explains Maria, a social studies teacher in North Carolina.

“I just finished up my graduate work and have a good amount of student loans I still need to pay off. I’ve seen the payments go significantly down since President Obama worked to reform the student loan system and cut out the middleman. Being able to borrow money directly from the government makes my fees much less expensive.

“I just got hired as a teacher in the public school system in North Carolina. Mitt Romney’s policies will cut public sector jobs, which means that some people like me will lose their livelihoods.”

In spite of looming student loan payments, Maria finds the extra cash to donate because it’s “a way of feeling like you’re part of the campaign. I just wanted to help out a little bit, even though I can’t give millions like Romney’s supporters.”

“One thing that makes the President so successful is that he encourages everyone—rich and poor—to be part of the campaign. Contributing even a small amount shows your support.”

More than 3.1 million people have shown their support by donating—will you?


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