“I only wanted to assistance out a small bit”

“I will be in large debt and substantially but a pursuit if Mitt Romney wins this election,” explains Maria, a amicable studies clergyman in North Carolina.

“I only finished adult my connoisseur work and have a good volume of tyro loans we still need to compensate off. I’ve seen a payments go significantly down given President Obama worked to remodel a tyro loan complement and cut out a middleman. Being means to steal income directly from a supervision creates my fees most reduction expensive.

“I only got hired as a clergyman in a open propagandize complement in North Carolina. Mitt Romney’s policies will cut open zone jobs, that means that some people like me will remove their livelihoods.”

In annoy of appearing tyro loan payments, Maria finds a additional money to present since it’s “a approach of feeling like you’re partial of a campaign. we only wanted to assistance out a tiny bit, even yet we can’t give millions like Romney’s supporters.”

“One thing that creates a President so successful is that he encourages everyone—rich and poor—to be partial of a campaign. Contributing even a tiny volume shows your support.”

More than 3.1 million people have shown their support by donating—will you?


Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/i-just-wanted-to-help-out-a-little-bit

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