I pronounced “yes” to creation a difference

Becca, Wisconsin

“I initial got concerned with a Obama debate in a tumble of 2007. we was during an eventuality and we put my name on a sheet when we walked in. A integrate of days after we got a phone call. The chairman on a other line said, ‘Hey Becca, can we assistance Barack Obama turn a President of a United States?’

“My jaw forsaken as we thought, ‘How can we assistance Barack Obama turn a President of a United States?’ But we pronounced yes. Yes, we wanted to assistance elect someone we believed in to be a President of a United States.

“The following weekend we got in a automobile with 6 strangers and found myself in Christmas, Iowa, with simply no thought what we was removing myself into. we showed adult during a office, they prepped me with materials, and they said, ‘All right, go strike on these doors and speak to electorate about since we trust in Barack Obama.’

“So we was on my happy approach in Christmas, Iowa, in Nov when sleet was adult to my knees, houses were miles apart, it was bitterly cold, and we was knocking on doors articulate about Barack Obama. As we kept knocking, as we went from one doorway to a next, there started to be a small bit some-more of a pep to my step as it started to strike me: This is unequivocally cool.

“As we was knocking, we satisfied dual really surpassing things: By seeking me to be a partial of his campaign, Barack Obama had empowered me to possess a square of it. The second thing we satisfied was that Barack Obama believed that everyone’s voice mattered and everybody should have a contend in this country’s future.

“And that’s what this choosing is about—ensuring that everybody feels a partial of a democracy, and that everybody can make a difference.

“When we got that phone call, we pronounced ‘yes.’ we pronounced ‘yes’ since we can assistance safeguard that a leaders we trust in—President Obama and Vice President Biden—keep representing me and a values we caring about.

“We can all assistance out, each small bit helps, and we can all make a difference.”

—Becca, Wisconsin


Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/i-said-yes-to-making-a-difference

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