“I will be fighting for you no matter what”

Barack Obama

At today’s stop in Woodbridge, Virginia, President Obama promised to listen to the voices of every voter in his second term—even those who don’t stand with him this November. As the President left the stadium in Woodbridge, Virginia, a few supporters shared their reactions.

“President Obama was fantastic. He covered the most important points. He had a powerful message for Virginia—a very inclusive message.”

“He spoke the truth. You’ve got to build Washington from the outside. He understands this.”

“We need to move forward to get the economy going and get jobs. That’s why I’m voting for President Obama.”

“I like the fact that the President corrected that 47% myth, pointing out how Mitt Romney was wrong. We drove here from Centreville and people talk about an enthusiasm gap. I don’t know what they’re talking about—just look around.”

“We need someone who cares about the middle class and poor people so we can continue to rebuild and move forward.”

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