“It’s about what can be finished by us, together, as one republic and one people”

After strictly usurpation their assignment during a gathering final night in Charlotte, President Obama and Vice President Biden were behind on a highway today, along with Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. Their initial stop was in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where they speedy an eager throng of supporters to step adult and proffer for a final leg of a campaign.

“The eventuality was amazing. It was only so implausible to see all of them together, generally so shortly after a convention. we consider a Obamas and Bidens get how critical New Hampshire is, and they know how politically active people are here. we consider that’s because they done this their initial stop after Charlotte. And a President is positively right—we have to keep knocking on doors, creation phone calls, and articulate about because this choosing is important. This is how we’re going to win–and that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.”
—Barbara from Portsmouth, who will be volunteering for a weekend of action

“I’m disagreeable excited—and we don’t bewail it a bit removing here early! We could feel a fad on a radio. I’ve been following so closely. we speak about politics a lot during school—it’s on everyone’s lips.”
—Rebecca, tyro from Maine

“I adore that President Obama speaks a truth—he’s a many honest boss we have ever had. Historic eventuality for us here in New Hampshire—it only shows how critical it is that we win here. Let’s get everybody dismissed adult currently for a subsequent 60 days.”
—Jerry, who also waited in line given early in a morning

“Everyone here this morning is so energized and so vehement to see a Obamas and a Bidens, generally after a convention.”
—Julia, a proffer and late clergyman from Exeter

“The President is about all we mount for and all we fought for: integrity for everybody. Next week, I’m manning my initial phone bank in Dover. We’re all in it together—I only wish to do my bit.”
—Gerard, a maestro from Dover

Tomorrow and Sunday, volunteers opposite a nation will be organizing for a weekend of action. Find an event to get concerned where we are.


Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/its-about-what-can-be-done-by-us-together-as-one-nation-and-one-people

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