Joe Biden in Eau Claire: “The energy of the example”

“The President and we know conjunction one of us would be station where we are currently were it not for assistance we perceived in scholarships and loans.”

Speaking to a Blugolds of a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire today, Vice President Joe Biden emphasized a significance of preparation on a trail brazen for America:

“Six out of each 10 jobs in a subsequent 10 years are going to need a grade or certificate over high school—we contingency be prepared.”

“Our devise focuses initial on education—100,000 new scholarship and math teachers in a subsequent 10 years.”

“The Romney-Ryan bill calls for large cuts in facile and delegate education.”

The contrariety with Mitt Romney doesn’t stop with preparation policy. The Vice President went on to explain a choice Americans face in this election—from pursuit origination to Medicare and more:

“The President and we have a essentially opposite prophesy than Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan, and a opposite value set that guides us.”

“To them, it doesn’t matter most where American companies put their income or where they emanate jobs.”

“They are not for Medicare. They are for a devise called Vouchercare … What they’re proposing will not extend a life of Medicare. It will indeed put a trust account in danger in a year 2016.”

With usually 54 days left until Election Day, Joe Biden asked a throng in Eau Claire to remember where we’re headed:

“We see a destiny where America leads not usually by a instance of a power, though by a energy of a example.”

“America is entrance back. We’re not going back. We’re going forward.”

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