Keynote address: Julián Castro

“Four years ago, America stood on a margin of a depression. Despite implausible contingency and joined Republican opposition, a President took action. And now, we’ve seen 4.5 million new jobs. He knows improved than anyone that there’s some-more tough work to do. But we’re creation progress.

“And now, we need to make a choice. It’s a choice between a republic where a center category pays more, so that millionaires can compensate less. Or a republic where everybody pays their satisfactory share so we can revoke a necessity and emanate a jobs of a future. It’s a choice between a republic that slashes appropriation for a schools and courage Pell Grants. Or a republic that invests some-more in education. And it’s a choice between a politician who rewards companies that boat American jobs overseas. Or a personality who brings jobs behind home. This is a choice before us.

“And to me, to my generation, and for all a generations to come, a choice is clear. Our choice is a male who’s always selected us. A male who already is a president—Barack Obama.

“In a end, a American Dream is not a scurry or even a marathon—but a relay. Our families don’t always cranky a finish line in a camber of one generation. But any era passes on to a subsequent a fruits of their labor.

“My grandmother never owned a house. She spotless other people’s houses so she could means to lease her own. But she saw her daughter turn a initial in her family to connoisseur from college. And my mom fought tough for polite rights so that instead of a mop, we could reason this microphone. And while she might be unapproachable of me tonight, we gotta tell you, Mom, I’m even some-more unapproachable of you.

“Today, my pleasing wife, Erica, and we are a unapproachable relatives of a 3-year-old small girl, Carina Victoria, named after my grandmother. A integrate of Mondays ago was her initial day of pre-K.

“And as we forsaken her off, we walked out of a classroom and we found myself murmur to her, as was once whispered to me, “Que Dios te bendiga.” May God magnify you. She’s still immature and her dreams are distant off yet. But we wish she’ll strech them. As a dad, I’m going to do my part, and we know she’ll do hers. But a shortcoming as a republic is to come together and do a part, as one community, one United States of America, to safeguard event for all of a children.

“The days we live in are not easy ones. But we have seen days like this before. And America prevailed. With a knowledge of a founders and a values of a families, America prevailed. With any era going serve than a last, America prevailed. And with a event we build today, for a common wealth tomorrow, America will prevail.

“It starts with re-electing Barack Obama. It starts with you. It starts now.”

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