Michelle Obama: 100 votes in Virginia

The First Lady visited Virginia today, motivating supporters in Richmond and Fredericksburg to get involved:

“We won Virginia by 235,000 votes [in 2008]. Now, that’s wonderful. And while that competence sound like a lot, consider about this: When we mangle that series down, that’s only 100 votes per precinct. Now consider about that—100 votes. That could meant only a integrate of votes in your neighborhood, only a singular opinion in your unit building.

“So for anyone here who competence be meditative that your opinion doesn’t matter, that your impasse doesn’t count, that in this formidable domestic process, typical folks can’t presumably make a difference—anyone who is meditative about that, we wish we to consider about those 100 votes. Think about that. we wish we to consider about, with only a few evenings on a phone bank, with only a few weekends knocking on doors, only a few of we here currently could pitch an whole patrol for Barack Obama. Just we all here could do that.”

Check out some of a photos and tweets from a First Lady’s visit, afterwards step adult and volunteer in your neighborhood.

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Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/michelle-obama-100-votes-in-virginia

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