Not subsidy down: Newtown six-month anniversary events

Today, some-more than 1,000 people opposite a nation came together to remember a horrific tragedy that took place six months ago in Newtown, Connecticut, and to uncover Congress we will not behind down in a quarrel for gun assault prevention.

In a issue of a Newtown shooting, President Obama laid out a devise to make a communities safer, including measures such as stretched credentials checks on gun sales—measures that have a strenuous support of Americans nationwide. And yet, Congress has still not taken action. And that is not okay.

Nearly 80 communities hold vigils and observance events, rallies, press conferences and “thank we events” for leaders who have taken movement to pierce brazen on gun assault prevention.

Together, we are perfectionist action: Congress has not finished adequate to make a communities safer from gun violence.

Six months ago, we gifted a second-deadliest mass sharpened in American history. We contingency continue to take movement to respect a 26 children and adults who mislaid their lives that day, and to safeguard protections are in place to forestall destiny tragedies. Congressional movement can—and will—make a difference, though usually if any of us shows them that we will not behind down.

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