Nuns on a Bus for immigration reform

Last Friday, a OFA section in North Central Los Angeles assimilated army with a famous Nuns on a Bus for an eventuality during Mercado La Paloma in support of extensive immigration reform.

First, we presented a screening of The Dream is Now to an courageous organisation who braved L.A.’s Friday rush hour trade to be there. Several of a guest were initial and second era immigrants, and there was not a dry eye in a residence during a end. After a brief discussion, we went out to a parking lot to wait a attainment of a nuns.

By a time a large stone star-type train pulled adult there were scarcely 100 vehement people in attendance. We followed Sister Simone Campbell and her associate nuns inside for a convene and what a nuns call a “friendraiser.”

Several of a Sisters spoke, revelation stories of a smashing people they met, a touching tellurian dramas they listened about, and a minds they have helped change along their 6,500-mile train outing from Ellis Island, by a South, and finally to California. The final leg of their debate took them from a limit south of San Diego, by L.A., and finished during Angel Island in San Francisco. Both Ellis and Angel Islands have prolonged been points of entrance for people seeking a new life in a United States.

Sister Simone is a counsel who used to paint bad and newcomer clients during her hospital in San Francisco. Also on a module were member from Esperanza Community Housing Corporation, that was founded by Sister Diane Donoghue. As a village organizer in South L.A. in a 1980s, Sister Diane schooled that a newcomer race she worked with was being forced out of their homes by industrial development. She was a pushing force in building Mercado La Paloma, that houses award-winning immigrant-owned restaurants and amicable use organizations.

OFA volunteers also helped collect postcards a nuns always ask everybody to sign, that will be delivered to Congress during a finish of a train tour. And during a tighten of a convene in L.A., a nuns lined adult on theatre and led a throng by several raised-arm renditions of their immigration cheer: “Raise your hands! Raise your voice! For extensive immigration remodel now!”

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