Obamacare: Mary’s story

Barack Obama

“As a senior, I, like everyone else, am concerned primarily with health care. I’m a retired public employee here in Ohio and it has been a little scary wondering what rising medical costs and plans for changing pension benefits will mean for people like me, but the Affordable Care Act gives me some peace of mind. I actually just got a call from my Medicare company urging me to take advantage of a free preventive wellness visit. Obamacare makes preventive services, including mammograms, available to me at no charge, so I’m going to go visit my doctor next week!

“The thing I can really point to, though, is that when my daughter graduated from college I was able to keep her on my health insurance plan for five months until she transitioned to her own employer-provided plan. This was much more affordable, and the security of knowing that there wasn’t going to be a gap in her care was a major relief.”

—Mary, Ohio

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