Office opening of the week: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Barack Obama

Albuquerque volunteers

Toya was just one of the nearly 250 dedicated supporters who packed the house for the grand opening of Obama 2012’s newest office in New Mexico:

“One day I saw somebody out canvassing, and I yelled for them to come over. I’ve been coming in [to the office] every day since.”

Toya started working two weeks before the office officially opened, but now she has plenty of company in Albuquerque’s Northeast Heights.

Tom is a regional volunteer leader who helped establish the office, and he’s had his neighborhood teams buzzing for months:

“There’s an electricity here in Albuquerque. We’re ready to walk, talk, and rock for the President’s vision of a better America.”

Jocelyn Mund, the field organizer for the area, knows how the office will be transformed in the days to come:

“Every day, we’re going to fill this office with people working with their neighbors to re-elect President Obama and move their communities forward. The people of this community are ready to make calls. They’re ready to knock on doors. And they are ready to stand up and speak out about what we’re fighting for and why.”

Ready to join the grassroots volunteers where you live? You’ve got 55 days left.

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