Office opening of the week: Blacksburg, VA

Barack Obama


On a roundabout near the Virginia Tech University campus in Blacksburg, Virginia, one of the newest Obama campaign offices is ready for action.

More than 150 volunteers and supporters showed up on Saturday for the grand opening. The overflow crowd spilled into the street, and Blacksburg Field Organizer Shayna Daitch says everyone there was thrilled to be involved:

“Southwest Virginia isn’t known to be heavily Democratic, but the people I’ve met out here are tremendous supporters. They’re all so dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to help this campaign. Everyone’s been asking me, ‘What can I do for the President?’ I’m here to provide them with the resources they need to re-elect him.”

To get ready for the office opening party, Shayna got some much-appreciated help from a local group of Women for Obama volunteers.

“They did everything for the office. They painted it, they cleaned it, and they brought food for the opening. People in Blacksburg are so amazing—no one has ever told me no. Everything that needed to get done got done.”

Field offices are big on decoration, and Blacksburg is no exception. Shayna started a “Barack-star Hall of Fame” on a hallway wall the volunteers helped her paint blue—neighborhood team members tacked their photos to it. And Shayna didn’t stop there.

“It was really important to me to have some art for Young Americans for Obama using the ‘Greater Together’ slogan, so we have this giant mural that’s kind of psychedelic. We also have a sitting room with a photo of Michelle Obama touching the Hokie stone, which the Virginia Tech football players touch on their way to the field. And then we put up a picture of Obama slow-jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon.”

After the grand opening, the new volunteers didn’t want to leave. Some folks stuck around to make phone calls, and others went out to register voters at the Summer Solstice Festival.

“People weren’t there just to hang out, they came to work. Everybody was so overjoyed with the sense of community, and we’re so proud of this office because it’s something we built together.”

If you like what’s going on in Blacksburg, become a volunteer at a field office in your neck of the woods.


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