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As President Obama heads to Nevada today, Lisa in the Las Vegas office takes a look at how the campaign is going on the ground.

Here in Nevada, volunteers are focused on making sure Nevadans are registered to vote. Supporters are out talking to voters and making calls every day to ensure that all Nevadans have a chance to make their voices heard at the polls this year.

For the last weekend of action, volunteers from California traveled to Nevada to help us register voters. We made new friends and registered lots of new voters, all while keeping cool in the beautiful Nevada sunshine.

Alongside our voter registration efforts, volunteers continue to actively recruit new supporters to help with canvassing and community campaign events. Yesterday, we wrapped up a two-day Get Out the Vote training run by the field team, to get everyone ready for the last few weeks of the campaign—early voting begins on October 20th.

And that’s important, because this year Nevada voters have a lot on their minds.

Housing is one of the most important issues here in Nevada. Over 20,000 Nevada homeowners have benefitted from President Obama’s Making Home Affordable Program. And Nevada has received support from the Hardest Hit Fund, which was established to help assist states with the highest rates of foreclosures and underwater mortgages. This money helps Nevadans sell their houses, reduce mortgage payments, or assist in refinancing. It is much-needed support to ensure that underemployed and unemployed Nevadans are able to keep their homes and remain financially secure.

Education is also a top priority here. Because of President Obama’s expanded access to Head Start and Early Head Start programs, more than 3,700 Latino, African American, and Asian American Pacific Islander children have gained access to early education. Since 2009, Nevada schools have received over $175 million in assistance from the Recovery Act and the Education Jobs Fund, which has helped create or save over 4,300 jobs across the state.

We’re working hard to protect this progress, and we like to have fun while we’re doing it. We’re coming up on an exciting week ahead for the campaign. Leading up to Hispanic Heritage Month, Nevada will spend a week highlighting President Obama’s work to benefit Latinos across the country and the state. We will have visits from Latino leaders from all around the country, including Univision personality Raul De Molina, voter registration drives, and a presence in community events including the Fiesta Las Vegas Latino Parade and Festival.

And this coming weekend is another weekend of action for Nevadans. We’ll be visiting our friends, neighbors, and community members to make sure they are ready and registered to vote in the next few week—see you out there!

To get involved with the campaign where you are, sign up to volunteer with your local team.

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