Outsourcing Massachusetts jobs

Barack Obama

“To save a little bit of money, we’re actually putting people out of work here and sending this work to India, and employing those people with taxpayer dollars.”—Massachusetts State Senator Jack Hart

As CEO, Mitt Romney advised businesses on how to increase profits for investors by moving U.S. jobs overseas. The Washington Post described the companies that Romney’s firm owned as “pioneers” in the practice of outsourcing work to overseas call centers and factories.

Years later, as governor of Massachusetts, Romney borrowed a page from the same playbook. His administration moved state jobs, in areas like child support enforcement and food stamp administration, overseas—in one instance signing a $160,000 a month contract with a firm that used a consumer call center in India.

And, when Massachusetts legislators proposed a law that would have barred this type of outsourcing for government contractors, Romney vetoed it.

In this way, Mitt Romney applied the lessons he learned in the private sector to government—with disastrous consequences for the workers who lost their jobs as a result.

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