President Obama is counting on you

The President did something large final week.

He due a set of vital reforms to assistance strengthen a children and a communities by curbing gun violence, and he’s already announced 23 executive actions that will go a prolonged approach in assisting keep a kids safe.

This is an critical start—but we have no illusions about what needs to be finished and how formidable it will be.

Every step we intend to take will safety a tradition of obliged gun tenure in a nation and defend a Second Amendment. And while we’ll never finish gun attack entirely, if we can save a life of even one child, afterwards we have a shortcoming to act.

This movement includes not usually what we can do, though what Congress can do. To make a genuine and durability difference, they contingency act soon.

The President has called on Congress to act on 4 specific legislative measures: shutting credentials check loopholes, banning military-style attack weapons and tying high-capacity ammunition magazines, creation a schools safer, and augmenting entrance to mental health services.

Read some-more about a President’s plan to revoke gun violence, and make certain we brazen this to friends and family.

The President asked me to work with law enforcement, teachers, parents, sportsmen, Democrats, Republicans, faith leaders, mental health experts, and other organizations and people to come adult with a set of petrify process proposals. The devise he put onward is a product of those conversations and recommendations.

Right now, President Obama is counting on you.

Each one of us needs to pronounce adult and direct action. It doesn’t matter either we live in a large city or a tiny city like Newtown, Connecticut. When a associate Americans are victims of meaningless violence, we all lift together as one American family.

Let’s get this done, folks.

Whether a movement we take saves one life or 1,000, it matters.

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