President Obama on Romney’s outsourcing record

Barack Obama

At Oyster River High School in Durham, New Hampshire today, President Obama spoke about a key difference between his economic vision and Mitt Romney’s:

Just last week, it was reported that Governor Romney’s old firm owned companies that were “pioneers” in the business of outsourcing American jobs to places like China and India.

So yesterday, his advisors were asked about this and they tried to clear this up by telling us there’s actually a difference between “outsourcing” and “offshoring.” That’s what they said. You cannot make this stuff up.

Now, what Governor Romney and his advisors don’t seem to understand is this: If you’re a worker whose job went overseas, you don’t need somebody trying to explain to you the difference between outsourcing and offshoring. You need somebody who’s going to wake up every single day and fight for American jobs and investment here in the United States. That’s what you need. That’s why I’m running.

Unlike Governor Romney, I want to close the outsourcing loophole in our tax code. I want to give tax breaks to companies who create jobs and manufacturing here in New Hampshire, here in the United States of America.

You can check out the President’s full remarks here—and if you haven’t seen it, don’t miss the article in The Washington Post that first broke the news about Romney’s record on outsourcing as a CEO.

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