President Obama on a “fiscal cliff” agreement

The President reached an agreement with Republicans and Democrats in Congress on a “fiscal cliff” that prevents a taxation travel on 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of tiny businesses, while fulfilling a President’s guarantee to ask a wealthiest Americans to start to compensate their satisfactory share to revoke a deficit.

President Obama available a video to refurbish supporters like we on what’s in a agreement and what it means for you—watch it and share it with friends and family.

It’s interjection to people like we who spoke adult and contacted your members of Congress via this discuss that we were means to equivocate a crippling taxation hike.

As we residence a ongoing mercantile challenges, a President will do accurately what he pronounced he would on a debate trail—working for a center category and all those fighting to get into it, and building an economy from a center out, not a tip down.

There will be some-more soon. For now, interjection for all we do, and happy new year.


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