President Obama’s loudest, proudest supporter

Barack Obama

“I was recently accepted into the Obama organizing fellowship program. Receiving that phone call from the field organizer in Chester, Pennsylvania was one of the most exciting and life-altering events of my life—mostly because of this little guy up there in the picture. He’s my 4-year-old son, and he is the driving force behind every action I take. He is motivation for working until I bleed if it means President Obama will be victorious in November. I believe that my President knows of my struggles and my hardships. I have faith that he is leading this country in a direction that will benefit my son and improve his quality of life.

“My munchkin goes to the campaign headquarters with me. He’s going to join me in a canvass of the city tomorrow, which is undoubtedly good news for us, because he’s quite the conversationalist and no one is immune to his charm! But, more importantly, I want him to be a part of this grassroots movement. I hope he remembers these days and carries this experience with him forever. I do not want him to grow up to be apathetic about politics. He needs to know that with enough passion, devotion, and dedication, he can make miracles happen. He can have an impact on his neighborhood, his city, his state, his country, and even the world.

“My son’s future is at stake here. I will do everything I can to ensure this President, my hero, has four more years to continue fixing this country and embolden my son with a better chance at a successful life.

“For the record, my son loves President ‘Arack Obasa,’ and he already describes himself to be a proud ‘Demiecra.’ He likes to shout ‘Obasa 2012’ when we walk down the streets. He is the President’s loudest, and proudest, supporter!”

—Ashley, Pennsylvania

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