President Obama’s matter on a taxation agreement

On Tuesday night, President Obama welcomed a votes in Congress to pass taxation cuts for a center category and equivocate a “fiscal cliff.”

A executive guarantee of my debate for President was to change a taxation formula that was too lopsided towards a rich during a responsibility of operative middle-class Americans. Tonight we’ve finished that. Thanks to a votes of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, we will pointer a law that raises taxes on a wealthiest 2% of Americans while preventing a middle-class taxation travel that could have sent a economy behind into retrogression and apparently had a serious impact on families all opposite America. …

Under this law, some-more than 98% of Americans and 97% of tiny businesses will not see their income taxes go up. Millions of families will continue to accept taxation credits to assistance lift their kids and send them to college. Companies will continue to accept taxation credits for a investigate that they do, a investments they make, and a purify appetite jobs that they create. And 2 million Americans who are out of work though out there looking, pulsation a cement each day, are going to continue to accept stagnation advantages as prolonged as they’re actively looking for a job.

Read a President’s statement in full.

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