Reality check: A member of Congress on NASA, Russia, and meridian change

You have to see this. This Wednesday, OFA California proffer Carol Kravetz reached out to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a climate denier, seeking him to accept a scholarship behind meridian change.

Carol tweeted:

Rep. Rohrabacher responded to his basic that evening. Here’s his answer:

Of course, this is totally untrue. According to NASA, 2000-2009 was a hottest decade on record. In a U.S. alone, 2012 was a hottest year given record gripping began. Professor James Hansen, a meridian scientist Rep. Rohrabacher cites, says global temperatures have not stalled.

Rep. Rohrabacher didn’t stop there. When OFA proffer and long-time meridian change romantic Susan Dembowski tweeted Rep Rohrabacher after that day, he cited an engaging source to behind adult his indicate of view:

The Russian Academy of Sciences does not reject a scholarship behind meridian change. In fact, a establishment is a co-signee with 12 other countries endorsing a systematic accord that meridian change is synthetic and propelling governments to act.

The fact that this kind of misinformation is entrance from a inaugurated officials is not usually embarrassing—it is insane given what is during stake.

Get concerned today, and assistance make certain a meridian deniers in Congress like Rep. Rohrabacher don’t get divided with these kinds of claims.

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