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Barack Obama sent this note to supporters today, vouchsafing folks know about a launch of Organizing for Action.

Today, a new grassroots classification is being launched: Organizing for Action.

Following in a footsteps of a debate we built, Organizing for Action will be an forlorn force in American politics. It will work to spin a common values into legislative action—and it’ll commission a subsequent era of leaders in a movement.

We might have started this as a prolonged shot presidential primary debate in 2007, though it’s always been about some-more than only winning an election. Together, we’ve done a communities stronger, we’ve fought for ancestral legislation, and we’ve brought some-more people than ever before into a domestic process.

We have a energy to do even some-more to change a politics and a nation for a better. With Organizing for Action, you’ll have each apparatus we need to do it.

But it starts with you. This new classification is in your hands.

I’m so vehement to see what we all do next—and so beholden to be partial of it.



Say you’re in

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