Setting a contribution true on Obamacare

In respect of President Obama’s 52nd birthday today, Organizing for Action volunteers opposite a nation are entrance together to applaud in a singular way: spreading a truth about Obamacare. What improved approach to applaud a President’s birthday than by removing together and articulate about how we can strengthen one of a proudest accomplishments?

Americans deserves health caring that fits their bill and is there when they need it. Obamacare helps them grasp that—and today, we’re creation certain people know what it has to offer.

Obamacare fights for improved coverage during reduce costs to a patient, and ensures patients can accept surety caring services, like vaccinations, mammograms, cancer screenings, annual checkups, blood vigour and cholesterol tests during no cost. More than 70 million Americans have already perceived giveaway surety care.

That’s only one instance of how Obamacare is working, and today, OFA volunteers are assisting widespread a word about all the advantages of Obamacare by pity information and removing a contribution out there in their internal neighborhoods.

Obamacare has finished so most good, nonetheless a lot of Americans are unknowingly of a benefits. Even worse, opponents are spending millions of dollars perplexing to remonstrate Americans that Obamacare isn’t working, and they don’t caring if they have to distortion or trick to do it. Those opponents competence have copiousness of money—but we have a contribution on a side. It’s adult to us to make certain a friends and neighbors know a truth.

Today’s efforts are only a start of a national, month-long array of grassroots events called Action Aug . You can still be concerned in this fight.

Interested in assisting to widespread a contribution about Obamacare? Join in currently and find an eventuality nearby you.

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