Stand with Sandy

Responses to Sandy’s letter have been pouring in all day from supporters opposite a country. Here are usually a few of a folks who are station with Sandy and President Obama:

“I wish to tell we how most it means to me that President Obama ‘gets it.’ The gathering speeches, this minute and other emails, a President’s thoughts and words—this competition is about so most some-more than usually a economy or unfamiliar process or healthcare. It is unequivocally about determining either we’re going to act formed on impression and integrity.

“Thank we again for forwarding this letter, and interjection for ‘getting it.’”

—Wes, North Carolina

“WOW! we usually done a $30 contribution: $15 from me and a $15 compare in a name of Sandy in PA—what an impulse she is! Isn’t she doing what we all trust in—giving as most as she can and sacrificing for a good of a nation? Shouldn’t we who have a little some-more minister for her as well? Let’s start a ‘Sandy Match’ to finish off a month in a suggestion of assisting others to comprehend a dream of another 4 years for President Obama!”
—Alice, Florida

“In response to Sandy’s minute to a President, we usually done a limit grant probable to a Obama campaign. we did it since we remember when we was where Sandy is too. we am beholden to live in a republic that values all of a adults and to live where people commend that we have a genuine shortcoming to all of a people including those who have not nonetheless been as advantageous as some of a rest of us.”
—Mike, Ohio

“This minute explains usually how we feel. We are behind him each step. we have never given income to any inhabitant debate before. we have affianced a little volume to this campaign. we wish it would be a thousand times more.”
—Cindy, North Carolina

“I have a identical story, and we have a feeling about 3 million others do as well.”

—Margaret, Texas

“I usually review a minute on line from a Sandy and family in PA about her grant and usually being means to send $15.00. we afterwards satisfied that we all feel this approach and when we minister to this debate we are frank and speedy about ancillary a President. We too contributed, and $60.00 is not much, though to us it is a whole lot. Like Sandy stated, it is groceries, gas, a electricity check etc.”

—Pamela, California

“Thank we for a concomitant minute from Sandy and her family about their $15 donation! we like her take on life. we quite enjoyed Sandy’s difference ‘the bellowing voices of private seductiveness to drown out a sounds of little voices (like ours/mine)’ since that’s what I’ve been thinking, too.”
—Julie, Colorado

Join Sandy by chipping in what we can means (and find out what happened after she sent a minute here).


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