Step behind a second

This is because we keep working, because we sinecure organizers, and because everyone’s continued impasse in this means matters. This week alone we saw big, material moments on things we caring about:

  • The Supreme Court struck down DOMA and discharged Prop 8, outrageous victories for everybody who cares about equality.

  • President Obama took a many wilful transformation on meridian change any boss has ever taken.

  • One Texas state senator, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of thousands examination a livestream online stood their belligerent to retard an impassioned anti-woman check in a Texas legislature.

  • The Senate upheld a extensive immigration remodel bill.

All that things we speak about and caring about during choosing season? The fights to get it done—and a moments that emanate a domestic existence we live in—happen between elections. They’re function now.

This is a time for doing. That’s what OFA is about.

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Whether it’s a NRA perplexing to stop swell on gun reserve legislation that 90% of Americans support, or conservatives in a state legislature perplexing to impel by radical rollbacks of women’s rights, they are banking on we not profitable attention.

They’re anticipating we won’t burst in to a fight.

This week should have done it clearer than ever because we need to.


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