Taking movement for Obamacare

There was not one though dual large milestones yesterday: President Obama’s 52nd birthday, and a central kick-off of Action August. For OFA supporters, these dual events came together with a national Obamacare day of action.

Organizers went out in their communities to speak about a ways that Americans are benefitting from Obamacare, and to pull behind on misconceptions and misinformation about a health caring law. OFA supporters non-stop their homes to their neighbors, assimilated together in city centers, internal businesses, and even beaches and parks to set a record straight: Obamacare is providing improved coverage and reduce costs.

And while they were during it, they enjoyed some presidential birthday cake.

Check out some of a movement from OFA volunteers yesterday:

[View a story “Obamacare in #ActionAugust” on Storify]

Sunday’s events were only a commencement of a grassroots debate to arm people with a facts, answer questions, and opposite what is already a multimillion-dollar bid to widespread misinformation and undermine Obamacare. OFA supporters know that there is no improved approach to get a word out than by grassroots organizing and neighbor to neighbor conversations.

Yesterday was also only a commencement for Action August. If we feel strongly about Obamacare, immigration reform, meridian change or other vital hurdles confronting a country, get concerned today and make your voice listened during a congressional recess.

Take partial in Action August

Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/taking-action-for-obamacare

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