Talking meridian change with Senator Grassley

Back in May, we assimilated several other OFA volunteers and visited United States Senator Chuck Grassley’s Des Moines bureau to entice him to accommodate with us and plead meridian change. He concluded to pronounce with us over a phone, and on Monday we had a really prolific contention call with a senator.

Our idea was to open a contention about meridian change, and ask him to attend in an educational forum to start a open discourse on a issue. Professor David Courard-Hauri, Director of Environmental Science during Drake University here in Des Moines, presented a outline of a scholarship ancillary meridian change, and Sen. Grassley seemed receptive to a information provided. we was gratified by a senator’s regard about a use of hoary fuels and their impact on meridian change.

Sen. Grassley concluded to attend in a destiny forum, possibly in chairman or by phone. We suggested a accumulation of bipartisan participants, including a extended spectrum of stakeholders on meridian change. He asked us to pierce brazen with an bulletin and outline of the goals for a forum, that we devise on promulgation to him for his review.

Overall, we consider we achieved the goals and set in suit an bulletin for destiny action. This is what Organizing for Action looks like—opening adult suggestive process discussions with the member in Washington.

Want to take identical movement where we live? There’s zero interlude you—just sign adult to turn an OFA volunteer today.


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