Talking climate change with Senator Grassley

Barack Obama

Back in May, I joined several other OFA volunteers and visited United States Senator Chuck Grassley’s Des Moines office to invite him to meet with us and discuss climate change. He agreed to speak with us over the phone, and on Monday we had a very productive conference call with the senator.

Our goal was to open a discussion about climate change, and ask him to participate in an educational forum to begin a public dialogue on the issue. Professor David Courard-Hauri, Director of Environmental Science at Drake University here in Des Moines, presented a summary of the science supporting climate change, and Sen. Grassley seemed receptive to the information provided. I was pleased by the senator’s concern about the use of fossil fuels and their impact on climate change.

Sen. Grassley agreed to participate in a future forum, either in person or by phone. We suggested a variety of bipartisan participants, including a broad spectrum of stakeholders on climate change. He asked us to move forward with an agenda and outline of our goals for a forum, which we plan on sending to him for his review.

Overall, I think we accomplished our goals and set in motion an agenda for future action. This is what Organizing for Action looks like—opening up meaningful policy discussions with our representatives in Washington.

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