The First Lady in Virginia: “We’re about movement today”

“For a subsequent 28 days we need we to work like you’ve never worked before. You hear me? Sign adult with one of a volunteers here currently to make phone calls, to hit on doors. we wish you, some-more importantly, to speak to everybody we know—your friends, your neighbors, that nephew we know who’s not registered. Smack him in a behind of a head! The classmates we haven’t talked to in years—call them. Tell them what’s during stake. Make certain they register to vote.

“And see, this is important, since a voter registration deadline here in Virginia is Monday, Oct a 15th. So it’s coming, right? So we don’t wish anybody waking adult on Election Day going, ‘I’m going to vote!’ and they didn’t register. Especially if you’re a new voter, if you’ve moved, right? Students, you’ve got a new address, you’ve got to re-register. So we can get purebred today, since we’ve got volunteers here with clipboards and forms today. We’re about movement today.”
—First Lady Michelle Obama in Leesburg, Virginia

As a dismissed adult throng poured out of a convene during a Loudoun County Fairgrounds, many supporters took a First Lady’s summary to heart and got themselves purebred and prepared to opinion before a deadline.

Got friends in Virginia? Take a demeanour during some highlights from a eventuality in Leesburg, afterwards remind them to register regulating a new Facebook app.

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