The latest allege for gun assault prevention: Todd Jones’s acknowledgment as ATF Director

Yesterday a U.S. Senate voted 53-42 to endorse Todd Jones as a permanent director of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Following a bipartisan cloture vote, Jones was confirmed.

It’s been 7 years given a ATF had a permanent care it needs to effectively assistance strengthen a communities from gun violence. This is a feat for gun assault impediment advocates and supporters of common-sense gun reform.

Here’s what President Obama had to contend about a confirmation:

“Todd’s acknowledgment will assistance ATF request a collection it needs to strengthen a communities from dangerous criminals and revoke gun violence… we will continue to mount with a infancy of Americans who support common-sense reforms to keep dangerous weapons out of a hands of criminals. And we will continue to do all in my energy to keep a children and a communities safe.”

This quarrel isn’t over. OFA volunteers are operative opposite a nation to keep adult a movement and let lawmakers know that when it comes to safeguarding a communities, there will be no subsidy down.

If you’re prepared to take movement to keep relocating common-sense gun assault impediment measures forward, sign up for OFA’s Action Aug Gun Violence Prevention Day of Action.

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