“This is me, seeking you”

Kal Penn has a summary for you:

Get prepared to have your mind blown.

Since a debate launched a new website, Commit to Vote, 93,000 people have pronounced they’ll expel a list this fall. You know why? People are articulate to their friends and their families, and they’re not bashful about regulating my favorite four-letter word:


This is me seeking we to commit to vote now—and to pass it on.

I have so many friends who are improved off interjection to a work a boss has done—some who’ve returned home from war, others who’ve been means to go to college, and one crony who got a pursuit operative in Detroit’s automobile industry.

Don’t make me do this alone. If we consider President Obama is a right man for this job, strech out to people we know to make certain they’re purebred and prepared to vote.

There’s not most time left. So dedicate to vote. Ask your friends to dedicate to vote. Register to vote. Do it all here: barackobama.com/commit.

Thanks—this won’t be a final we hear from me.

Commit to Vote

Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/this-is-me-asking-you

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