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This was meant to be a week that Mitt Romney reset his debate by finally giving electorate some specifics about his skeleton for a nation Instead, we got a unique—though unintended—look during how Mitt Romney views America, that maybe explains because he’s kept so many sum of his skeleton secret.

Take a demeanour next a overlay to see some of a highlights, and lowlights, from a week.

Beyond sealed doors, Mitt Romney told a organisation of rich donors that, in his view, 47% of Americans see themselves as “victims” entitled to handouts, and that he could “never remonstrate them they should take personal shortcoming and caring for their lives.” He went on to say, in regards to scarcely half of all Americans:

“[M]y pursuit is not to worry about those people.”

  • Watch Americans on a travel conflict to Romney’s scornful comments:

  • Here’s a demeanour during a 47% of a country Romney is disdainfully essay off.

In an bid to detract courtesy from his possess remarks Mitt Romney pounded President Obama for comments he done behind in 1998. But in a process, Romney took a President’s difference way out of context, omission pivotal tools of his remarks and their meaning.

Romney also spent a week perplexing to shelter from his impassioned anti-immigrants positions in an try to interest to Latino voters, though folks won’t fast forget his guarantee to halt a DREAM Act, or his recommendation that undocumented immigrants “self-deport.” Unlike Romney, President Obama has a unchanging record of standing adult for Latinos.

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