Vice President Biden in Chesterfield, Virginia

“Instead of aggressive folks who work for a vital and compensate their way, Romney should be respecting their tough work. That’s a pursuit of a president. To lift people up, not to rip them down.”
—Vice President Biden in Chesterfield, Virginia

Upon conference this line, a throng during a Chesterfield County Fairgrounds rose to a feet and applauded. Here’s what a few folks in a assembly had to contend about since they’ve got President Obama and Vice President Biden’s backs this election:


“I go to village college and we advantage from Pell Grants. President Obama’s preparation policies assistance open adult doors of event for immature people like me.”
—Kyla, a tyro from Chester

“I know Barack Obama stands with a veterans since of this jobs check that addresses veterans stagnation specifically. As a veteran, we know that need.”
—Joseph, a maestro from Petersburg


“Because of health caring reform, my 24-year-old son is means to stay on my health caring devise while he finishes grad school. He can concentration on studying, instead of what will occur if he gets sick.”
—Cynthia, a mom from Chesterfield

“I uncover my support for a Obama-Biden sheet because, as a woman, it’s usually President Obama and Vice President Biden who are looking out for women: equal compensate for equal work, some-more medical choices—they’ve achieved a lot.”
—Eucharia from Henrico

“I sealed adult to proffer since we have to get a word about since this choosing is important. I’m dismissed up.”
—Ruby from Chesterfield

If you’re dismissed adult too, sign adult to proffer today.


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