Vice President Biden in Chesterfield, Virginia

Barack Obama

Vice President Biden in Chesterfield

“Instead of attacking folks who work for a living and pay their way, Romney should be respecting their hard work. That’s the job of a president. To lift people up, not to tear them down.”
—Vice President Biden in Chesterfield, Virginia

Upon hearing this line, the crowd at the Chesterfield County Fairgrounds rose to its feet and applauded. Here’s what a few folks in the audience had to say about why they’ve got President Obama and Vice President Biden’s backs this election:


“I go to community college and I benefit from Pell Grants. President Obama’s education policies help open up doors of opportunity for young people like me.”
—Kyla, a student from Chester

“I know Barack Obama stands with our veterans because of this jobs bill that addresses veterans unemployment specifically. As a veteran, I understand that need.”
—Joseph, a veteran from Petersburg


“Because of health care reform, my 24-year-old son is able to stay on my health care plan while he finishes grad school. He can focus on studying, instead of what will happen if he gets sick.”
—Cynthia, a mom from Chesterfield

“I show my support for the Obama-Biden ticket because, as a woman, it’s only President Obama and Vice President Biden who are looking out for women: equal pay for equal work, more healthcare choices—they’ve accomplished a lot.”
—Eucharia from Henrico

“I signed up to volunteer because we have to get the word about why this election is important. I’m fired up.”
—Ruby from Chesterfield

If you’re fired up too, sign up to volunteer today.


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