Virginia: Oscar Torres-Luqui

Barack Obama

My name is Oscar Torres-Luqui. I was born in Paraguy, but I immigrated to United States in 1971 with my wife and two kids. I’ve lived the last 40 years of my life in Woodbridge, Virginia. My grandfather was a lawyer, my father was a lawyer, and I was also a lawyer in Paraguy for 15 years. When I came to the United States, I worked in law for a very long time, but I retired in July of this year.

I have in my heart the American dream. I came to this country for this dream and I’m so grateful that I was given a chance. President Obama is continuing that legacy. He’s fighting for a bipartisan agreement on a new immigration law. He has the right approach, and it would help everyone really. We all have something great to contribute to the country. I started out as a busboy, but I became a lawyer. My grandson served this country in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s why I was so happy to see President Obama give all of those DREAMers a chance at work permits. These kids are American in their hearts and they deserve a chance. They came here seeking the dream of America—we cannot destroy that. Obama is fighting for that dream and those DREAMers.

So I’m planning to do more volunteer work whenever I can between now and Election Day. I want to leave something good for the next generations. I want to give back what I received from this great country. I want to be a part of something bigger than myself. That’s what I get out of volunteering.

I’m very enthusiastic about President Obama. I’m much better off than I was four years ago: My spirit is better, my finances are better, my kids and my grandkids are better. He’s had some accomplishments that have meant a lot to me. The health care law is going to be a solution for many people in America, and especially for the worker.

What do I do with the campaign? Anything they need me to do! I go door to door, I make calls. I always volunteer for causes that I believe in—I’m a member of the Library of Congress, Habitat for Humanity, and the United States Supreme Court Historical Society among others. I feel the same sort of enthusiasm about President Obama. The political process here in the United States is very remarkable to me—people can get so involved! I really enjoy talking to people face to face and telling them to vote, vote, vote. And to vote for Obama! I try to get involved in my Latino community in particular. I speak both English and Spanish so I can reach out to even more people.

A lot of people just don’t know everything they need to vote, so it’s my job to fill them in. I always talk to my Latino friends about how great our political process is here in America, so we all need to participate.

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