Virginia: Oscar Torres-Luqui

My name is Oscar Torres-Luqui. we was innate in Paraguy, though we immigrated to United States in 1971 with my mother and dual kids. I’ve lived a final 40 years of my life in Woodbridge, Virginia. My grandfather was a lawyer, my father was a lawyer, and we was also a counsel in Paraguy for 15 years. When we came to a United States, we worked in law for a unequivocally prolonged time, though we late in Jul of this year.

I have in my heart a American dream. we came to this nation for this dream and I’m so beholden that we was given a chance. President Obama is stability that legacy. He’s fighting for a bipartisan agreement on a new immigration law. He has a right approach, and it would assistance everybody really. We all have something good to minister to a country. we started out as a busboy, though we became a lawyer. My grandson served this nation in Afghanistan and Iraq. That’s because we was so happy to see President Obama give all of those DREAMers a possibility during work permits. These kids are American in their hearts and they merit a chance. They came here seeking a dream of America—we can't destroy that. Obama is fighting for that dream and those DREAMers.

So I’m formulation to do some-more proffer work whenever we can between now and Election Day. we wish to leave something good for a subsequent generations. we wish to give behind what we perceived from this good country. we wish to be a partial of something bigger than myself. That’s what we get out of volunteering.

I’m unequivocally eager about President Obama. I’m most improved off than we was 4 years ago: My suggestion is better, my finances are better, my kids and my grandkids are better. He’s had some accomplishments that have meant a lot to me. The health caring law is going to be a resolution for many people in America, and generally for a worker.

What do we do with a campaign? Anything they need me to do! we go doorway to door, we make calls. we always proffer for causes that we trust in—I’m a member of a Library of Congress, Habitat for Humanity, and a United States Supreme Court Historical Society among others. we feel a same arrange of unrestrained about President Obama. The domestic routine here in a United States is unequivocally conspicuous to me—people can get so involved! we unequivocally suffer articulate to people face to face and revelation them to vote, vote, vote. And to opinion for Obama! we try to get concerned in my Latino village in particular. we pronounce both English and Spanish so we can strech out to even some-more people.

A lot of people only don’t know all they need to vote, so it’s my pursuit to fill them in. we always speak to my Latino friends about how good the domestic routine is here in America, so we all need to participate.

Join Oscar—sign adult to start organizing in your neighborhood.


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