Watch this and quarrel for her

Imagine being kicked out of a nation we call home.

For Ola, that’s a really genuine possibility. Ola is smart—she graduated during a tip of her high propagandize class. She looks brazen to being a doctor.

But she could be deported.

Her story is featured in “The Dream is Now,” a documentary brief about children of undocumented immigrants who were really immature when their families came to this nation and have spent their whole lives here, though who now face a hazard of deportation.

Tonight during 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Ola and several special guest will be fasten OFA supporters for a giveaway online screening of a “The Dream is Now,” followed by an interactive panel.

You can RSVP now to watch tonight’s screening of a full film.

Ola’s story is a ideal instance of because a immigration complement is broken, and because millions are fighting to pass reform. America can’t means to only send divided some of a best and brightest kids, who came here by no error of their own, and have worked tough and attempted to do all right. That’s not who we are.

We need immature people like Ola here in America. They’re gifted and committed to portion their communities. Ola and several special guest will be fasten us for an online discuss tonight.

Watch Ola’s story—then join us for tonight’s screening.

RSVP to watch a full film

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