“We all wish a larger America”

Between stops during a New Hampshire farmstand and a internal high propagandize today, Vice President Joe Biden spoke during Dartmouth College in Hanover. Students Kasey, Saidah, Taylor, and Funmi were among a faces in a crowd–they will all turn first-time electorate this fall.


“It’s not mostly that someone like Joe Biden comes to Dartmouth and we wanted to make a many of this opportunity. With a choosing so soon, these events are so critical to get everybody dismissed adult and to make certain that new people start to feel some-more intent and vehement about this campaign.”


“It’s such a chronological impulse being here and being a partial of this event. Looking around, we can tell that other people consider this is a large deal, too. I’m here currently and we have committed to opinion for a President in Nov since he’s focused on women rights.”

Hanover, New Hampshire


“I feel empowered by what a President says and by his actions in ancillary us and a education.”


“The President and Vice President support us as students–their policies advantage a generation. They have done so most swell over a final 4 years, swell we don’t consider we would have done if Obama weren’t president. We need him to be re-elected so he can have another 4 years to continue to work on this progress.”

But a Hanover eventuality wasn’t usually about students and education–the throng also got a summary that Joe Biden and Barack Obama are operative for each American. Just ask Miguel, who knows how most his opinion depends in a bridgehead state like New Hampshire:

“Joe Biden has consolation for a struggles of genuine Americans. Joe Biden and a President are perplexing to keep a interests of all Americans in mind. It’s good we are passionate, though we shouldn’t be so divided–we all wish a larger America.”

The Vice President reflected those values in his speech:

“This is not a nation of victims. This is a nation where when people get knocked down, they get behind up.”

We usually have 46 days to go until Election Day and President Obama needs your help. Commit your opinion right now and let’s make certain we pierce this nation forward, not back.


Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/we-all-want-a-greater-america

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