“We need your help, too”

Barack Obama

Caroline, MA

“I got involved in this election because I couldn’t sit it out. I’m a student, so when the summer rolled around I joined the President’s organizing fellowship program to invest my time and energy working to re-elect President Obama and keep the country moving forward. The President thinks in terms of actual people, which is an incredibly important thing.

“Spending my summer as an organizing fellow was an incredibly important experience for me. Before my fellowship, I would keep my political thoughts to myself. Doing this organizing though, it was my job to talk with everyone I met—family, friends, strangers, literally everyone—about the stakes in this election and why I support the President. I took my organizing to Facebook, too, to share what I’m passionate about. And it also helped me understand which issues I care about most. I’m particularly vested in issues that impact women: controlling our own health care decisions, earning equal pay for equal work, and deciding for ourselves when it’s time to start a family.

“On all these issues there is a stark, stark contrast between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

“I support President Obama because President Obama supports me. He believes college students like me should get the best education possible without drowning in debt. He believes women like me should earn equal pay for equal work. He supports small businesses owned by families like mine that create jobs and manufacture goods in America.

“This program taught me to speak up for myself, for President Obama, and for the millions of people whose lives will continue to improve because of his re-election. Now, I’m helping to train the incoming class of fall organizing fellows, who will in turn inspire and motivate their communities.

“We need your help, too. This election is too important and the experiences too valuable to miss.”

Caroline, Massachusetts


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