“We want Joe!”

Barack Obama

Vice President Biden in Zanesville

Chants of “We want Joe!” rang throughout Zane Grey Elementary School today as the crowd in Zanesville, Ohio anxiously awaited the Vice President. Here’s what a few of the folks in the audience had to say about Vice President Biden’s visit, and President Obama’s plan to strengthen the middle class:

“President Obama and Joe Biden provide the only realistic path forward to the future. The Republican Party has moved so far to the right that I don’t recognize them. Their entire platform is wrong. Mitt Romney never mentioned the military or the wars in his acceptance speech, and I think it’s an absolute shame. President Obama has a good handle on the needs of everyday Americans, and he’s responded to them. My reasons for supporting Obama and Biden are bigger than a town or issue, though—it’s about the future of our country over the next several decades. That’s why I’m going to volunteer—to make sure President Obama and Joe Biden are re-elected.”
—Joe, a Navy veteran


“It’s a big deal that Vice President Joe Biden is here. I work in education and see the benefits of the President’s policies every day. I work with students who need Pell Grants, who wouldn’t be able to go to college otherwise. It’s important that young people understand they can impact their communities for the better, and that’s what I’m doing by volunteering with the campaign. The policies they put in place directly impact the folks living in small towns like Zanesville—the middle class. When they saved the auto industry, that directly impacted folks in our town. We’ve got a lot of auto suppliers nearby—it’s a lot of jobs, and they wouldn’t be here without President Obama and Joe Biden. That’s why I’m voting for them this November, and why I’m encouraging everyone I work with to vote as early as they can.”
—Keisha, a multicultural outreach coordinator at Zanesville Community College

“I believe that Joe Biden and President Obama are for the middle class and for education. I have nine grandchildren, so that’s big on my list of concerns. The President and Vice President have done a lot to help towns like ours, despite being met with resistance every step of the way in Congress. Romney and Paul Ryan would devastate our town, from Medicaid to Medicare to education.”
—Sharon, a volunteer and retiree

“I had to stop going to college because I couldn’t pay off all the loans I was taking on. That’s one of the biggest reasons I support President Obama and Joe Biden—they’re making college more affordable and making it easier to pay off student loans. The Affordable Care Act is huge, too, and I want to make sure my grandma continues receiving Medicare and Social Security. The Vice President and President are fighting for manufacturing jobs that are key to Zanesville. We got hit hard when jobs starting getting outsourced. But thanks to President Obama we’ve seen job growth, and all the jobs linked to the auto industry are here to stay. President Obama and Joe Biden believe that we’re all in this together, and I agree.”
—Chase, a field organizer


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