“We wish Joe!”

Chants of “We wish Joe!” rang via Zane Grey Elementary School currently as a throng in Zanesville, Ohio anxiously awaited a Vice President. Here’s what a few of a folks in a assembly had to contend about Vice President Biden’s visit, and President Obama’s devise to strengthen a center class:

“President Obama and Joe Biden yield a usually picturesque trail brazen to a future. The Republican Party has changed so distant to a right that we don’t commend them. Their whole height is wrong. Mitt Romney never mentioned a troops or a wars in his acceptance speech, and we consider it’s an comprehensive shame. President Obama has a good hoop on a needs of bland Americans, and he’s responded to them. My reasons for ancillary Obama and Biden are bigger than a city or issue, though—it’s about a destiny of a nation over a subsequent several decades. That’s since I’m going to volunteer—to make certain President Obama and Joe Biden are re-elected.”
—Joe, a Navy veteran

“It’s a large understanding that Vice President Joe Biden is here. we work in preparation and see a advantages of a President’s policies each day. we work with students who need Pell Grants, who wouldn’t be means to go to college otherwise. It’s critical that immature people know they can impact their communities for a better, and that’s what I’m doing by volunteering with a campaign. The policies they put in place directly impact a folks vital in tiny towns like Zanesville—the center class. When they saved a automobile industry, that directly impacted folks in a town. We’ve got a lot of automobile suppliers nearby—it’s a lot of jobs, and they wouldn’t be here but President Obama and Joe Biden. That’s since I’m voting for them this November, and since I’m enlivening everybody we work with to opinion as early as they can.”
—Keisha, a multicultural overdo coordinator during Zanesville Community College

“I trust that Joe Biden and President Obama are for a center category and for education. we have 9 grandchildren, so that’s large on my list of concerns. The President and Vice President have finished a lot to assistance towns like ours, notwithstanding being met with insurgency each step of a approach in Congress. Romney and Paul Ryan would fleece a town, from Medicaid to Medicare to education.”
—Sharon, a proffer and retiree

“I had to stop going to college since we couldn’t compensate off all a loans we was holding on. That’s one of a biggest reasons we support President Obama and Joe Biden—they’re creation college some-more affordable and creation it easier to compensate off tyro loans. The Affordable Care Act is huge, too, and we wish to make certain my grandma continues receiving Medicare and Social Security. The Vice President and President are fighting for production jobs that are pivotal to Zanesville. We got strike tough when jobs starting removing outsourced. But interjection to President Obama we’ve seen pursuit growth, and all a jobs related to a automobile attention are here to stay. President Obama and Joe Biden trust that we’re all in this together, and we agree.”
—Chase, a margin organizer


Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/we-want-joe

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