Welcome to Organizing for Action

I’m Jon Carson, a new executive executive of Organizing for Action.

I wish you’re as vehement as we am for this new organization, and for what a grassroots transformation can accomplish in a subsequent 4 years.

Just a small bit about me. I’m a Wisconsin guy, and we grew adult on a plantation in a western partial of a state. In 2007, we assimilated Barack Obama’s debate and served as a inhabitant margin director. After a election, we went to work for a President in a White House, many recently in a Office of Public Engagement.

That brings me to now, when really soon, my family and we will be relocating behind to Chicago as we start this new purpose with all of you.

I initial assimilated a President’s debate since we was desirous by his faith that typical people have a energy to change a nation if we work together to get it done—and that faith will be during a core of this new classification as it unfolds.

And a approach we’ll get it finished can be summed adult in one word: local.

That means any city or segment will have a possess OFA chapter, and you’ll confirm a issues your village cares about most, a work we wish to do to make swell on them, and a kind of support you’ll need to get it done.

At a area and informal level, OFA members will grow their internal chapters, bringing in new leaders and assisting sight a new era of volunteers and organizers to assistance quarrel for a issues during stake.

There’ll be times when we lift together during a inhabitant turn to get President Obama’s behind on flitting vital legislation, like shortening gun assault or immigration reform. And we’ll all work to assistance renovate Washington from a outward while strengthening a economy and formulating jobs.

But for a many part, a instruction a work takes will be totally in your hands—with a support of this classification behind we each step of a way.

In a subsequent few weeks and months, I’ll be seeking for your submit on putting together an OFA devise for 2013, we’ll be holding online briefings about a issues we wish to tackle, and we’ll start organizing on those issues as they’re debated in D.C.

But for right now, we only wish to contend interjection and welcome. There’s a lot to be done, but a doubt—and we couldn’t be some-more anxious to be partial of OFA with you.

Go ahead—say you’re in.

I’ll be in hold soon.

I’m in

Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/welcome-to-organizing-for-action

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