“We’re voting for the right to have a future”

Kay, a tyro organizer in New Hampshire“As a college tyro we count flattering heavily on grants and loans to compensate for school. we wish this preparation so badly and we trust that everybody should be means to have this chance. It shouldn’t come with abrasive debt. President Obama believes it too, and that’s so, so important. Without sovereign financial assist and Pell Grants, we wouldn’t be anywhere tighten to where we am today, and we know that I’m not alone.

“President Obama’s module to conduct tyro debt finished it so my loan payments won’t be larger than what I’m indeed earning when I’m finished with school. That’s a big, large deal. It wasn’t like that before President Obama finished a indicate to repair it.

“Mitt Romney literally told students to ‘shop around,’ and to steal income from your relatives if we have to. What is he articulate about? Is everybody who goes to college ostensible to have relatives with total funds? We all need to be means to compensate for an education—all of us.

“I only can’t suppose voting for someone who does not have my best seductiveness during heart. That’s because we can’t opinion for Romney. That’s because I’m voting for a President.

“It’s critical to me that I’m out here revelation other students about a kind of impact we can have on this election. It matters so, so most for all of us, and it’s so sparkling to uncover people so they can make certain their voices are heard. All of us have to dedicate to vote, though we also have to make certain we get someone else to dedicate to vote, too. We’re not only voting for a boss here. We’re voting for the right to have a future.”

Kay, New Hampshire

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Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/were-voting-for-our-right-to-have-a-future

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