“Whatever we can do, we do”

Oscar, Nevada

Oscar is a unapproachable Latino, a infirm veteran, and a proffer in Nevada. He is legally blind and can’t expostulate a car, though he creates dozens of calls for a Pahrump bureau on a unchanging basis. “I make as many calls as my eyeballs allow,” he likes to say.

“Because of my condition, we consider we can feel people flattering good from only a touch. In 2008, we went to hear Barack Obama pronounce in Las Vegas and we shook his hand. Just from that handshake, we felt his regard and his zeal to move change. we suspicion to myself, that’s one heck of a man.

“Once Barack Obama became president, we started saying changes in a Veterans Administration. we visited a VA hospital here in Pahrump and they helped me squeeze a guard that allows me to review by magnifying images 1,000 percent, so we can see what I’m doing. It helped me comprehend that life goes on after blindness.

“It unequivocally upsets me when people act like I’m leeching off America since I’m disabled. we shop-worn my eyesight fighting for my nation in Vietnam and it hurts to see others have no care for infirm veterans. At a finish of a day, that’s because I’m voting for Barack Obama—because he supports veterans like me.

“If it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have a home we have right now. we was means to accept a reinstate interjection to his enlargement of taxation credits, and now my residence is paid off already.

“If we indispensable any other reasons to support a man, we have 3 more: Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. I’ve found that it’s inevitable—especially for people like me—that possibly we pass divided immature or we live prolonged adequate to strech a indicate where we have to rest on a reserve net to assistance you.

“Whatever we can do, we do. When we can, we sincerely go out there and try to assistance give President Obama another 4 years. We need to win this election.”

Oscar, Nevada

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Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/whatever-i-can-do-i-do

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