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As a “fiscal cliff” discuss raged on, supporters like we were right there with President Obama, creation certain your voices were listened from all over a country. When we work together like that, we’re a absolute force.

Issues like immigration, meridian change, and gun assault will be debated over these subsequent 4 years, and President Obama is prepared to take them on—but he needs us by his side. Our idea is to assistance him get things done, though also to assistance change how things get finished in Washington in a initial place.

Over coronation weekend, you’ll have a possibility to attend in a contention about how we’ll work together to support a boss and residence a issues we all caring about. Some volunteers and staff will be entertainment in Washington, D.C., and will be assimilated online by thousands some-more supporters national for a Obama Campaign Legacy Conference, where we’ll organisation adult a structure and care of a new organization.

Want to be partial of a review as a subsequent section begins? Say you’re in and we’ll follow adult with ways to participate.

The procedure for this discussion comes from you. In November, we sent a consult seeking we about your debate knowledge and where you’d like a transformation to go from here. More than a million people responded. In fact, 4 out of 5 consult respondents pronounced they’d like to continue to be concerned and proffer over a subsequent 4 years.

That’s an advantage that no prior boss has enjoyed, and one that has a intensity to reshape a politics for years to come.

This is an critical event to figure a destiny of this movement, and we wish you’ll take part.

Thanks. Can’t wait to see what we do next.

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