Why we give: “He’s fighting for all people”

Sarah lives in North Carolina on a bound income, though she doesn’t let it stop her from giving to a debate each month.

“I make certain we give something—even if it’s a small bit. President Obama is out there fighting. He isn’t simply fighting for himself—he is fighting for all people. we see what he’s perplexing to do. we see his vision. we give given I’m meditative about my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren. This male is going to make a disproportion for a generations to come.”

Sarah has seen changes in her bland life given President Obama took office.

“Some people don’t know that we are struggling—especially people who have late with nothing. Words can't report what President Obama has done. we am most improved off. He saved my home. My drugs have left down. My blood vigour medicine used to cost me $153 each month. Now it usually costs $6 a month.”

Another 4 years in bureau is what President Obama needs to continue strengthening this country, Sarah adds.

“We have a illusory boss who has all people in mind and who wants all of us to succeed. He’s going to continue doing what he started.”

Sarah insists on a significance of giving in some way—be it time or money—to this campaign.

“Even if we usually give $1 a month, we have to keep going for him. Pretty soon, I’ll be removing my automobile tuned adult to take people to a polls come Nov 6th.”

3.1 million people like Sarah possess a partial of this campaign. You can, too.


Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/why-i-give-hes-fighting-for-all-people

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