Why we give: “I have a voice”

“I might not have 10 million dollars to allegation someone on television, though my 10 dollars matters—it says we have a voice. And if we have adequate voices, we can overcome those allegation ads and super PAC spending. Ten thousand ten-dollar donations contend a lot some-more than one ten-million-dollar donation. That’s since ‘one man, one vote’ is not dead. This choosing can't be bought.

“I will not lay behind and let this nation elect Mitt Romney but me holding any action. The economy was broken on a Republicans’ watch. In 2008 they didn’t ask ‘How can we help?’ Their idea from day one was to destroy President Obama and if it meant a economy goes with it, so be it. we will not sojourn silent. we will change as many people as we can: my friends, my family, my neighbors.”

—Robert, a sales associate from Colorado

3.1 million people have already donated to this campaign. With only 53 days left, your concession will go serve now than if we wait until later. Will we representation in today?


Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/why-i-give-i-have-a-voice

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