Why I give: “I’m doing this for my kids”

Barack Obama

“There are so many reasons for donating,” Amy, a lawyer from Pennsylvania, explains.

“The first is health care. I have four children who are under 26 and able to stay on my health care plan. That’s been huge. One of my sisters is suffering from cancer, and she has been in fear for quite some time that her policy will be canceled because of her pre-existing condition. Now she can concentrate a little more on getting well and less on finding extra cash in case her plan gets canceled.

“Another huge issue for me is the protection of basic freedoms associated with being a woman. We can’t trust reproductive rights, access to contraception, or even the freedom to work and get equal pay in the hands of Mitt Romney.”

Amy donates because she wants to make sure this country is in good hands for her children and future generations.

“We’re at an absolutely critical turning point right now. It’s so important for the sake of my children that we don’t let the Republicans win. I’m doing this for them.”

You have a stake in this election, too—join 3.1 million others and donate today.


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