Why Ohioans are voting early

Following a special revisit currently from both President Obama and Vice President Biden, supporters in Dayton common since they’re voting early for Team Obama-Biden.

Wayne, a steelworker for Obama:

“I’ve been operative as a steelworker given 1995, and we support President Obama since he supports a center class, operative group and women. His rescue of a automobile attention was huge.

“I wanted to make certain my opinion was in. My 84-year-old mom lives with us, and so does my father-in-law. My mother can’t pierce around too good either, so we all got absentee ballots and filled them out together, and we took them down to a Board of Elections. I’m enlivening all of my friends to opinion early.”

Kim, retired:

“I adore Obamacare since it’s finished so most for so many people. Overall, we support President Obama since we trust in him and in a turn personification field. I’m wearing this #ForAll plaque since he unequivocally is a boss operative for all Americans. Mitt Romney’s comments about a 47% are egregious, though we consider they’re unequivocally telling—I consider that’s what he unequivocally believes.

“I haven’t voted yet, though I’m going to opinion in chairman during a Board of Elections soon. I’ve never missed an election, though we always worry about what’ll occur on Election Day. What if I’m sick, or my automobile won’t start? we don’t wish to take a chance, so we take full advantage of early voting.”

Bianca, a tyro during a University of Dayton:

“As a college student, President Obama has finished a lot to assistance me. we go to propagandize on Pell Grants and that’s outrageous for me. Romney wants to cut financial aid, and that’s income we need.

“I inspire all of my friends to opinion early, since we won’t have to highlight about work or your category schedule—you get to make it work around your schedule. And if we opinion early, we can proffer on Nov 6th!”

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Article source: http://www.barackobama.com/news/why-ohioans-are-voting-early

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