17 Photos from 2017

From big public ceremonies to small personal moments, the Office of the Speaker takes approximately 30,000 photos each year. Narrowing those down to just a few of our favorites is no easy task, but in chronological order, these seventeen photos tell the story of 2017 for Speaker Ryan.

1. Look your best – Speaker Ryan helps his oldest son, Charlie, get ready for Opening Day of the 115th Congress.

2. The Speaker of the House – Speaker Ryan raises the gavel in gratitude to the 115th Congress.

3. The Peaceful Transfer of Power – Speaker Ryan waves goodbye from the steps of the U.S. Capitol as President Obama departs.

4. Boots at the Border – Speaker Ryan tours the Rio Grande Valley to observe border security operations.

5. Vice President Pence – He may serve as the Vice President, as well as the president of the Senate, but he will always have a home in the House of Representatives.

6. Reining in Regulations – Speaker Ryan signs a series of Congressional Review Acts, putting an end to some of the worst Obama-era regulations.

7. Friends of Ireland – Speaker Ryan, Taoiseach Kenny of Ireland, and Rep. Peter King (R-NY) welcome President Trump and Vice President Pence to the Capitol for the annual Friends of Ireland luncheon started by President Reagan and Speaker O’Neill.

8. As far as the eye can see – Speaker Ryan makes phone calls from his office overlooking the National Mall.

9. Accountability for our veterans – Speaker Ryan signs and sends major bipartisan VA reform legislation to the president’s desk.

10. “You were just released from the hospital today?!” – Special Agent Crystal Griner surprises the crowd, and the speaker, when she shows up at the Congressional Women’s Softball Game to throw out the first pitch, the very same day she was released from the hospital after taking a bullet in the Alexandria shooting.

11. The Big Six – Speaker Ryan meets with Senator Hatch, Leader McConnell, Rep. Brady, Secretary Mnuchin, and Gary Cohn (on the phone), to discuss tax reform.

12. Drone on – At one of his many tours of American manufacturing companies, Speaker Ryan flies a drone powered by Intel. (Click here for video.)

13. Hurricane Irma – Speaker Ryan looks out the back of a C-130 to survey Hurricane Irma’s devastation along the Florida Keys.

14. Scalise Strong – Speaker Ryan greets Majority Whip Steve Scalise upon his return to the People’s House after being shot in June while practicing for the Congressional Baseball Game.

15. A Big Tree from Big Sky Country – This year’s Capitol Christmas Tree comes all the way from the Kootenai National Forest in Montana.

16. A Promise Kept – Members of Congress gather at the White House to mark the passage the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

17. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. – Accompanied by Sen. Orrin Hatch, Senate president pro tempore, Speaker Ryan signs the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, sending the legislation to the president’s desk to become law of the land.

Article source: https://www.speaker.gov/photo/17-photos-2017

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