About Last Night: Speaker Ryan’s Interview With Sean Hannity

John Boehner

After meeting with President-elect Trump earlier in the day, Speaker Ryan appeared on Hannity to discuss the priorities of the new unified Republican government. We finally, finally have this great opportunity that’s been given to us by the American people to get this country back on track, to relimit our government, to honor the Constitution, to clean this mess up,” he said. Check out more excerpts below:

Speaker Ryan on Obamacare: Repeal Is Relief 

It’s getting worse with Obamacare. … Double-digit premium increases. They’re making the deductibles so high, it’s not like you even have insurance in the first place. What we anticipate coming in 2017 is more of that.”

What we want to do is bring relief immediately. We are going to work on our repeal legislation immediately. And then we have to make sure that there’s that good transition period, so that people don’t have the rug pulled out from under them, and we can bring relief as quickly as possible.” 

Speaker Ryan on Working Closely with President-Elect Trump

The conversations we have always revolve around just getting things done. How we’re going to replace Obamacare. What tax reform looks like. How we’re going to secure the border. How we’re going to get people from welfare to work. What does rebuilding the military look like. These are the things we’re talking about, and now we’re just talking about, how do we execute it.”

“What I’m really impressed with is the Cabinet that he’s putting together. This is a very good Cabinet. He is picking very good people. This is something that those of us who have been fighting against this liberal progressive government really excited. … The way I look at it is, why don’t we all stop underestimating Donald Trump? I think that’d be a smart thing to do.”

Speaker Ryan on Border Security, the VA, and Education

“What President-elect Trump has asked us to focus on is enforcing current law… and getting the border secured. That’s what he says he wants us focused on, and that’s exactly what we’re working on.”

“House Republicans—Jeff Miller, the chairman of the committee—he’s the one who uncovered the disgrace at the VA. So we’re the ones who brought the Choice program in place to give veterans recourse away from these waiting lists, so absolutely. That place really needs a clearing out.”

“I can’t think of a better person than Betsy DeVos, who has really been a trailblazer in education reform on behalf of choice and charter schools, which to me is really one of the critical components of fighting poverty more effectively. … We’ve already pushed the dollars back to the states. Now we want to encourage innovation, like choice and charter, to actually take place, because that is how you get people out of the poverty trap.

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