#BetterWay: “A Positive Intiative…Solutions to National Problems”

John Boehner

Republicans continue to tout A Better Way around the country, from coffees and town halls to op-eds and editorial boards. Here are five more clips from the last few days: 

“While the Republicans have the majority in Congress, McSally said that much of their efforts have been defensive, something that they are trying to pivot away from with a new collection of policy goals called A Better Way. ‘We’ve spent a lot of time trying to stop things from happening under this administration — which are important to stop, because a lot of things coming down are harmful to our businesses and our country — but also need to show what our ideas are, going forward,’ she said.”

Hensarling instead advocated the ‘Better Way’ agenda advanced by House Speaker Paul Ryan…That agenda outlines solutions to national problems that emphasize limited government, a simplified tax code, a strong defense and a return to the U.S. Constitution’s Article I – and the principle of the separation of powers. ‘The Founders insisted on a separation of powers to protect our constitutional liberties. But over time, especially in recent decades, the executive branch has collected more power for itself, enabled by a judiciary that defers to the bureaucracy and a Congress that has yielded some of its most fundamental duties. James Madison warned that the Constitution is ‘a mere parchment barrier’ unless each branch asserts its powers to keep the others in check,’ the Better Way website contends.” (Tyler Morning Telegraph, 8/3/16)

 “‘A Better Way’ really is a reflection of Speaker Paul Ryan….to promote what I think is so positive, and that is initiatives to create jobs, initiatives for a strong national defense, to protect the American families at home, and so over and over again, we have a positive initiative, and that’s what I’ll be working on.” (WACH, 8/4/16)

“‘We’re going to have seven town hall meetings in the district in four days, so we’re going to be very busy, but I’m very excited about it,’ he said. We’re going to be talking about what’s been referred to as ‘A Better Way.’ It’s a group of initiatives that we’ve come up with in the House to help set the legislative agenda for the next Congress.’” (Coastal Courier, 8/3/16)

“The Republican majority in the House published a policy agenda
for the next four years. The initiatives include welfare reform, health care reform, and tax reform. Speaker Paul Ryan has a website describing the initiatives called “A Better Way.” On Obamacare, Conaway recognized that premiums are unaffordable and likely to go up. Conaway said: ‘The health care initiative that’s in our ‘A Better Way’ program will repeal Obamacare, and then here are the things it will do to address the cost issue … We can try to increase competition in the market by allowing buying insurance across state lines, allowing small groups to get to together to form attractive risk pools.’” (San Angelo Live, 8/4/16)

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