Boehner on House Action to Protect All Americans from ObamaCare: “This Is About Basic Fairness”

John Boehner

WASHINGTON, DC – At a press conference with Republican leaders this morning, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) highlighted today’s votes on two bills by Reps. Tim Griffin (R-AR) and Todd Young (R-IN) that will extend the same relief from ObamaCare’s mandates to individuals and families that President Obama is giving to big businesses.  As Boehner noted, the president’s decision to delay the mandate on businesses while leaving the rest of America on the hook “is strictly, and simply, unfair to the American people.”  Following are Boehner’s remarks:

“Well, let me congratulate my two colleagues for their good work.  Listen, this is about basic fairness.  If the president believes that the employer mandate is too much for the employer community, how about basic fairness for American families and individuals?

“The administration knows that they can’t verify the incomes of these individuals because they’ve already said, ‘well, we’re going to trust – we’re going to trust the American people who sign up in these exchanges on their incomes.’  Why?  Because they’re not ready to verify their incomes. 

“What we really ought to do is to make it clear that individuals should be treated just like businesses.  To say that, ‘well, we’re going to, we’re going to relax this mandate for a year on American business, but we’re going to continue to stick it to individuals and families is strictly, and simply, unfair to the American people.

“You know, I get to look at the Constitution once in awhile.  The Constitution makes it clear that Congress writes the law, and the president takes an oath of office to faithfully discharge the laws that are on the books.  And the idea that the president can merely go out there and make a decision about what he’s going to enforce and what he isn’t going to enforce is fundamentally wrong.

“That’s why if the president wants to delay the employer mandate for a year, the place to do it is with the Congress.  So codifying this today will be a step in the right direction, but remember: the issue is still one of fairness.   How are we going to give big businesses in America a break, without giving individuals and families the same break?”

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